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1 year ago by High Hopes.
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### Presented by The playwrights ### Do you wish you had a safe & fun community focused server to play on? We did as well. Which is why we, the playwrights, hereby invite you to join the MineHa.us network! What makes MineHa.us special we hear you asking. For starters, it is our seasonal approach. We divide the year into seasons, with each season having its own focus. For our first season we're getting in touch with what put Minecraft on the map, vanilla survival! Though it doesn't stop there. At MineHa.us community, safety, and fun are our three core values which everything else is based off of. Community is super important to most crafters, otherwise we wouldn't play on servers. In order to help develop a healthy community, we not only use Discord to ensure we can hang outside the network, but also ensure that everything is compatible with our friends connecting from bedrock. After all, it's better together! Which brings us to safety. We know it's not the most exciting topic, but it is an important one. As such we require all of our staff to use two-factor authentication via GamerSafer. This not only ensures no bad actors take control of a staff account but also that no one else can impersonate our staff! This, combined with land claims, means that you can always rest assured that your base will be as you left it when you return. At last, we come to the most enjoyable part of MineHa.us, the fun!! We've already covered how we will keep things fresh throughout the year with different seasons, but alongside that, we have many different types of events planned! This ensures that there is always something new and exciting to look forward to with your friends! We look forward to helping you build your story on the MineHa.us network! ** Discord: ** https://mineha.us/discord ** Java: ** play.mineha.us Want to join on Console or Mobile? ** Bedrock Address: ** join.mineha.us Port: 19132
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We are so close to making a great little community for everyone! https://media0.giphy.com/media/89ydHuoQ4bV9UDws5g/giphy-downsized.gif
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