Welcome to MineHa.us

Welcome to MineHa.us

Your New Home in Minecraft Multiplayer

Survivalists. Storytellers. VR enthusiasts. Builders. Even console players.

This diverse and friendly Minecraft server network is made for you on Java or Bedrock.

Java: play.mineha.us Bedrock: join.mineha.us 19132

Main Features:


Highest Performance

Our experienced dedicated sysadmins keep things running with DDoS protection, backups, and regular performance checks.


VR Gamers Welcome

All gameplay mechanics are made with VR players in mind to reduce typing or awkward clicking while increasing the fun.


Redefining The Basics

Survival gameplay is familiar with mostly Vanilla mechanics and a few tweaks & custom items to keep things extra interesting.


PC, Console, & Mobile

Geyser and Floodgate have been added so that any player can join. While Java Edition is preferred, Bedrock clients can come on, too!


Spatial Voice

We have Plasmo Voice Client installed, which is mod for Fabric or Forge, so that you can enjoy spatial voice with your friends


You Decide What’s Coming

Our custom textures and gameplay mechanics are made based on ideas and requests from our community members who play regularly.


Creative Flat World

Our creative server is open and flat so players can build a dynamic world together that isn’t limited by plot restrictions or boundaries.


Open and Honest

We work to be fully transparent with you about where your money and private data is going when you make purchases in our store.

Blog Posts:

Safe & Fair Everywhere

We’ve got GamerSafer built in to keep our players safe, their data private, and our community free from bad actors and toxic trolls.

Download the GamerSafer app on your iOS or Android device to setup your profile before you join the MineHa.us network and watch this video tutorial to see how we use it.

We do not track or store IP addresses and we allow VPN players to connect.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does GamerSafer send you my selfie?

No. Your selfie and other personal identifiable information (PII) or contact information is not sent by GamerSafer to our server. We cannot access it. If we ever do collect any data from you, we will ask for your explicit permission and be honest about what we’ll do with it.

We will never share any PII data you give to us with other servers, companies, or individuals, and our staff team is restricted from accessing it unless they are in the highest tier of leadership.

Our server owner, Tim, does work at GamerSafer but has no access to any GS profile data for players.

Can I donate to support MineHa.us?

Sure! Though it’s not necessary for you to join the server, we really appreciate the love. You can PayPal us at https://paypal.me/anotherguy (add a note saying it’s for MineHa.us so Tim knows). Our web store will be open soon for purchasing cosmetics on the server as well.

Who owns MineHa.us?

This server is owned by Tim Stiffler-Dean (a.k.a. “stifflered). Tim launched his first Minecraft server in 2010 and have been a part of the community for years.

You may know him from The Void Frogs podcast, where he interviewed the top Minecraft YouTubers and Creators with co-host theqmagnet.

Today, Tim works as Product Manager of Multiplayer Games at GamerSafer, where he focuses his passion for player and child safety on creating safety tech for gaming studios and Minecraft servers.

Can I live stream or record on MineHa.us?

Totally! We would love it if you did. You can even share a link to your live stream or YouTube video in our Discord Server so that the rest of us can watch and subscribe. 🙂

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MineHa.us is a Minecraft Server Network that is not affiliated with, nor is it endorsed by, Mojang, Microsoft, or the Minecraft brand.