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2 years ago by Anthony Lee.
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A few updates including upgraded beacons. * Beacons can now be upgraded with money to unlock bonus effects. Place your Beacon, then right-click on it to see all of the options! You can also trade or sell these to other players - the upgrades are stored with the beacon item, meaning they can be moved and the upgrades follow along. * Tree leaves now fast decay if not player-placed * Fixed a lot of random bugs and errors in console * There are new super creepy things that happen if you don't sleep for days at a time 👀 * ProtectionStones have been remade! They're now player heads instead of full-sized blocks. Store for buying these is coming soon. * You can now rent shop plots automatically without messaging me in Spawn Town. Walk into the plot you want that's empty, type /ps rent rent. Price is $500/week. * You can now purchase Netherite Armor at the Dwarven Armory in Spawn Town * Waystones have fewer particles and improved menu * We now have a new /resourceworld tp which will be reset once a month automatically. I will make a portal and easier commands to get there soon.
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